Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speaking of Apple's Secrecy...

Is it really just a coincidence that the world's most secretive consumer electronics company is also the company that just drove an employee to suicide over a lost prototype? Oh sure, the young man didn't work directly for Apple, only indirectly. Oh sure, it happened in China where employee protection isn't a priority. But I'm guessing that Apple will be changing their vendor relations policies as a result of this incident.

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  1. We can never really sure about that but one thing I know is Steve Jobs is a more evil-icious boss than Bill Gates. He has the reputation of meeting one of his staff in an elevetor at his office, having some chit-chats while the elevator is moving and he can fire that unlucky person right after they get out of the elevator together, just because that guy answered his questions differently from what he expected. EVIL