Friday, May 14, 2010

Office 2010 fixes interface mistakes of 2007

For anyone that became very familiar with Office 2007, the upcoming Office 2010 will not seem very different.  There are “wow” moments in the latest version.  Instead, the new version is mostly focused on undoing the mistakes of Office 2007, and making it easier for the legions of people who never switched to the ribbon interface of ’07 to do so now.  Gone is the big ball that replaced the “file” menu in 2007.  In its place, there is a file tab which has the predictable features one would expect.  Thus 2010 provides a smoother upgrade path from 2003 and earlier versions of Office.  If you’re relatively new to 2007, you should probably get the beta and start learning 2010  now.  It’ll save you a few moments of frustration.

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