Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Okay, I'm a Mac convert, but...

Alright, after several months of having both a win 7 and a mac machine side by side, I'm a Mac convert. My windows machine is the blazingly fast X61 tablet with 3 gig of ram, whereas my Mac machine is a lowly little mini mac with only 1 gig of ram. Yet, for some reason, the Mac machine seems to start faster, wake up faster, install apps faster, runs quieter and deals with plugging and unplugging of USB peripherals more elegantly than the PC does.

There are still many things I don't like about the Mac. For long bouts with spreadsheets or word documents, I find the PC better because it displays fonts more crisply than the mac does (on the same monitor and same resolution.) Of course, whenever a tablet would help, I reach for the x61. (Considering how few tablets there are in the world, Win 7 has ridiculously rich support for pens.) But most of the time, I'm heading to the machine for a short duration, or I am doing something that involves jacking in a USB something or another, and in those instances, the Mac is best.

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