Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Snow Leopard Wish List

One thing I like about being a Mac user is the surprises you get. With Windows, anything that will be forthcoming in a future release is known well in advance and generally available in beta. But with Mac, the future is always a black box. Oh sure, there's been some talk about what's to come in Snow Leopard - better performance & smaller footprint - but I think there's more in this black box than we've been told. To compete with Win 7, I'm predicting that Snow Leopard will address a few of the current OSX shortcomings. Here's what I'm hoping to find in the Snow Leopard release:
  1. Better font rendering. I want my Mac fonts to be just as readible as my windows fonts, so I think there has to be some improvements to the fonts themselves, or maybe to the antialiasing engine.
  2. Better Chrome. I'm getting really sick of the gray brushed aluminum that surrounds every application window. (If you can suggest a 3rd party app for this, please do.)
  3. Improved Spotlight. Please, please, please add meta tags to the search. I've had this in windows for about two years.
  4. Ditch dock. I really find Dock to be a stupid application. It's obnoxious looking and really doesn't seem very purposeful. Let's chase this circus outta town. Have a look at the Win 7 taskbar and build something similar.

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