Monday, June 8, 2009

My First Mac

Okay, after years and years of being a PC user and an occasional Linux user, I finally purchased my first Mac.

It's a used, dual core mini mac that works great, and I totally regret buying it. Why? Well, oddly enough, for the reason one would normally prefer a Mac: design. I just feel like it isn't really very visually appealing. Here's some specifics:
  1. Dock Disgust: WTF is with that stupid "dock" thing at the bottom of the screen? I feel like there's a little miniature circus going on at the bottom of my screen. It's ugly. It's busy -rediculously busy. It looks like something a designed by someone who just got a brand new box of Crayolas. Things are constantly bouncing and springing from it. It's just unbelievably unappealing. By comparison, the Windows 7 quick start menu is unubtrusive, easy on the eye and equally functional.

  2. Window Yawns: The aluminum themed windows that the Mac uses suffer from the opposite problem - the fields of gray are drab and boring. I feel like it's a rainy day where my documents live. I suppose there is some sort of tool I can download to fix the issue, but I haven't discovered it yet. Windows and pretty much every Linux installation come standard with tools to select the colours for window frames.

  3. Fuzzy Fonts: With Mac, and with the last few versions of Ubuntu as well, I've found that that system fonts are just not as easy on the eye as Window's fonts. I have both a Mac and PC sharing a monitor at the same screen resolution. When displaying the same file list or text document in both, it's clear to see that Windows delivers crisper fonts that are easier to read.

    Here's the windows view of this blog:

    And here's the blotchy Mac version:

    Hmmm. The difference is more striking when they are shown at actual size. But whatever.

    In addition, a file listing in Windows 7 has more white space while displaying the same amount of information in the same amount of screen space. Similarly, websites don't look as nice in Firefox on the mac (or Ubuntu) as they do in Windows 7.
Overall, my first impressions of a Mac are that it's a step down from the visual experience of windows 7.

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