Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I like about Macs

I don't want to give the impression that there is nothing that I like or enjoy about Macs. Now that I've been using one for a few weeks, here's a short list of things I like:

  1. Stability. I freely admit that this O/S appears to be rock solid.
  2. Speed. Mac definitely has the edge on Win 7 in waking up from sleep and in booting up from a full shut down.
  3. Simplicity. I love the fact that there is no registry, and that applications are generally a single file that can placed anywhere and launched without regard any other considerations. I imagine that this feature uses up some extra disk space, as library files that each new app utilizes don't become available for sharing with other apps. But I think it's well worth the sacrafice. In fact, I think these sorts of trade-offs of simplicity over sophistication are the key to Mac's success and Windows' flaws.

However, these difference are about as meaningful as the difference between number one and number two positions in an Olympic 100 yard dash: One gets all the glory, but they both get the job done. So far, I don't feel compelled to trash my printer, scanner and webcam for Mac's benefits. If I was starting with no systems, I would probably head towards the Mac for these benefits, but now that I'm highly invested in Mac-incompatible hardware, I'm thinking I may just sell this iMac.

It's worth pointing out that if it were not for Windows 7, I would feel very differently. Then it would more like pitting an Olympic sprinter against a home-town, second-place finisher, and I would be selling my printer, scanner and webcam.

So, for me, I think Windows 7 is the game-changer in the Mac vs. Windows shoot out.

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