Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Plot Thickens

I've spent a bit more time looking for a solution to my printer problem. As it turns out, even if there was a printer driver specific to the endangered species that is my simple HP laserjet printer, I may still be encountering problems. According to a 2007 post, Macs are not very good at port redirects. This weakness means that many printer drivers only work when the printer is local. So in spite of the fact that OSX had no troubles joining my windows-based home network, there's a good chance that I still wouldn't be able to get the printer working without relocating it entirely.

Another hardware issue I have concerns a Canon Canoscan printer. I was able to install the drivers and the Canoscan software, but for some reason, the software doesn't see the driver and so the scanner is still more of a paper weight than a scanner. I thought Macs were supposed to not suck so much.

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