Saturday, September 19, 2009

Itunes Equally Cludgy On Mac

Over the past few months, I've been moving over from Windows to Mac.  Aside from the hardware that turns out to be wholly unsupported on Mac, the one thing I've been holding back on is my iPhone.  Since it has pretty much replaced my use of desktop computers for just about everything, I've been avoiding the move.  But I've been looking forward to it, because I've always found that iTunes on windows to be a bit wonky.  When you plug in your ipod, you are never quite sure if it's going to be properly recognized by iTunes.  You wait a few minutes and nothing seem to be happening, so you try unplugging it and plugging it in, and maybe something flashes on the screen for a second, or maybe not.  You never quite get the real-time feedback you'd expect, and operations that can take minutes leave you guessing as to whether the machines have really connected with each other properly. 

I expected that Apple was making it deliberately wonky, so that I would eventually switch to a Mac.  I was wrong.  I'm happy and saddened to report that the Mac version of iTunes works equally poorly.  I plugged my iphone in about three minutes before beginning this post.  Now it's about 8 minutes later, and I'm still looking at the colour wheel "wait" icon whenever I hover on the iTunes window.  I don't wait... here comes something...okay, gotta go, before it disappears just as mysteriously...

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