Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks for the Misinformation, Canon.

Canon makes Mac drivers for my Lido80 scanner. Yeah! Unfortunately, they don't make them for snow leopard. In fact, they don't make them for leopard. Boo!

That's very disappointing. But what's really annoying is that there is no mention of this when selecting the driver, and there's no compatibility check when installing the driver. The only subcategories shown in the driver download website are OS 9 and OSX. On the page that shows the drivers, there's no mention of the fact that they don't work with the previous two versions of the OS. And then when you install the drivers and software, they just blithely install without any check for compatibility with your OS.

It's only when you dig deep into Canon's support files that you discover that, although they apparently have Mac drivers, in reality, they don't. What could be a worse customer experience. Not only am I not worth supporting. In Canon's worldview, they have no problem with completely misleading me into installing worthless software onto my computer.


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