Monday, September 7, 2009

Snow Leopard - Nothing But Regrets

The actual process of completing the upgrade went smoothly. Other than that, I have nothing good to say about Snow Leopard, so far. Today, I went to open Sibelius for the first time since upgrading, and it crashed on opening. Repeatedly. The good people at Avid are inundated with complaints from panicked users. Apparently, Apple "fixed" something at the last moment that broke this $500 piece of professional software. There are going to be many professional composers freaking out over the next week or so.

The suggested workaround is to not open the mixer window. That's a bit like telling a writer, "For now, just don't use punctuation." But it gets worse...

After reading the posting from tech folks at Avid, asking for log files, I thought I'd offer my own up. However, Mail also crashed on me. Repeatedly. Whenever I tried to add an attachment, the program would crash when any folder under the User folder was double-clicked.

Okay, sure, there's some glitches, but what about the upside? Sorry, I'm not detecting any. Perhaps the computer is faster according to some sort of scientific instrument. But from out here in the real world, I can detect no difference. Except of course, that I can't things done now.

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